Our Story

Where Love of Horses Meets Passion for Design

Passion for Design

I’ve always had a passion for design and an eye for style, but nothing became of it until my daughter developed her passion for riding horses. We grew to love the equestrian lifestyle and the horses themselves, but the clothing was something that continued to fascinate me. As I dug deeper into the world of equestrian fashion, I started to ask myself how I could marry the two worlds for people who love horses but also enjoy non-horse things. I wanted to create apparel that was cool and sassy, but also practical and comfortable. That’s when EQUESTRIANCLUB was born. Seeing my daughter and her friends doing what they love was my inspiration to begin doing what I love as well. 

The Lifestyle

Equestrian clothing is typically thought of as something you wear when you ride or when you partake in horse-related activities. While equestrian activities may dominate most of the day for us horse lovers, we do have normal things to do like running errands, going to the gym, and going out with friends. As a small family business, we place a high value on quality, comfort, and service. Apparel and accessories from EQUESTRIANCLUB are durable, fashionable, and backed by genuine customer support that makes all the difference when shopping online.

Equestrian Streetwear

This is not your grandma’s riding gear. EQUESTRIANCLUB is a lifestyle cultivated for those who want high-performance, practical clothing with a modern and edgy look that they can take from the barn to the street. Every item is designed with only the highest-quality materials to serve multiple purposes for busy equestrians. The result is a line for everyone from professional riders to casual horse lovers. 

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